Card Game

In this project, I created a 2-player card game that is a mix of the card games Uno and War called UnoWar. This game is played with a standard deck of card (minus the jokers) and each player is dealt five cards in their hand. After each time a player plays a card they draw a card from the deck, meaning they will always have five cards in their hand. If the deck is ever empty, then the deck is reshuffled. The game is played in rounds, where the winner of each round receives a point and the game is played until one of the players has 10 points. For each round the players alternate placing one of the cards in their hand onto the card pile that is between the players. The round is started by taking the top card off of the deck and placing it onto the card pile. Then one of the players may begin by placing a valid card from their hand onto the card pile. A "valid" card is one that is either the same suit (Spades, Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds) as the one on top of the card pile or is of equal or higher rank(Ace is lowest, 2, 3, ... Jack, Queen, and King is the highest) than the card on top of the card pile. The players then alternate placing and drawing cards until on of the players cannot play a valid card, then the round is over. Finally, this project also included the creation of Java classes that simulate certain play styles and strategies. These were simulated in a tournament and the win percentages of certain strategies versus one another are displayed in the picture on the left.